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Vedic Science Research Centre is Spirituality-oriented Socio-Cultural organisation working with the motto of Dharmarajya Sthapana. Since its inception in 1997, VSRC, as an organization, is regularly conducting lectures and presentations on "Indian contribution to the world of science" in India and abroad.

VSRC has published 6 books on issues concerning Hinduism, and apart from publications, has produced 2 documentaries on "Christian attrocities on Harijans in Dindukkal District" and "Hindu Festivals & Seasons".

VSRC not limits its activities to research and development but involves itselves in social mobilisation, advocacy and activism too.

VSRC has filed 3 court cases against Karunanidhi, former Chief Minister, for his utterences against Hindus, Lord Krishna and wearing of Hindu symbols.

VSRC organised discussions, participated in Television debates and regularly to voice the Hindu point of view in both print and electronic media on all issues concerning Hindu community and the Nation. The icing on the cake is its ability to rally a wide cross section of the society in our movement to restore Chiththirai 1 as tamil new year, which was fraudulently changed to Thai 1 by the DMK Government. The court affidavit filed by VSRC and its fiery debates were adopted as points for argument by the incumbent Government to enact the Tamil New Year legislation in the assembly reinstalling Chiththirai 1 as Tamil New Year.

Very recently VSRC exposed the myth createdby the Roman Catholic Church to convert Hindus through Vatican’s act of confering sainthood to one Devasahayam Pillai in the pretext that he was martyred for getting converted to Christianity, a fable, which was woven maliciously, targetting Hindu customs and practices.

Apart from exposing these types of fraudulent aggressions by the Church, VSRC reinforces optimism in the minds of the Hindus by organising regular programmes, and one such program being the Pledge Undertaking Day on August 14 to remind the Hindus of the horrors of partition and make them undertake a pledge to work towards reunification of our Holy land. This has been conducted regularly for the past 15 years.