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Moslems encroach Temple Land in Dindigul - Picketing by Hindus

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About 8 k.m from Dindugul is the village of Raajakkaa patti, where the festival of Muthaalamman Temple is pretty famous. All the villagers of the surrounding 18 villages gather in large numbers to participate in the Vazhukku Maram yerum Thiruvizha (festival wherein it is required to climb on a slippery pole) which is celebrated in this temple once in five years. When people of the village began  renovation of Muneeswaran Temple, a Temple which is adjacent to Muthaalamman Temple,  Moslems of that area have shown some documents pertaining to the land and have stopped the Hindus from proceeding ahead with their activities. Police too declared that the land belonged to the Moslems, as a result of which Hindus knocked at the doors of the Registrar Office to check the veracity of the documents produced.

On learning that the Hindus are checking the veracity of the documents, the Moslems are contemplating to approach the Court to stop the Hindus from constructing any structure as part of the renovation efforts. Blind, literally, to the presence of a stone edict belonging to the year 1973 and also the fact that Hindus have been celebrating the Temple Festival for the past so many generations notwithstanding, police was reluctant to find an immediate solution to the problem and were endlessly procrastinating. After the year 1983, the land belonging to the temple has fraudulently changed hands at least 18 times; and when documents containing fraudulent transactions were shown to the police, they did not take any action. 


In a peace committee meeting that was convened to negotiate the issue, the police department not only ignored the documents presented by the Hindus, but they audaciously proposed that  they would talk to the Moslems and bargain for 5 or 10 feet of land for the Hindus.


Condemning this one sided and unjust action of the Government, the Hindus of Raajakkaa patti today, 07.03.14 indulged in picketing of the road. Learning about this the Tehsildar, DSP and other government officials rushed to the spot and entered into negotiations. During these negotiations, it was acceded to the fact that the documents produced by the Hindus leave none in doubt that the so called disputed land belonged to the temple. Besides they promised to the Hindus that by the 15th of this month they would conduct a survey, determine as to how much land belonged to the Temple and lay marking stones to that effect. After such an undertaking was given by the authorities, the people dispersed peacefully. Speaking in connection with this incident, the District President of Hindu Munnani Shri. Rajagopal had this to say:

//"Pujari Peravai has given us documents which prove that the pujaris were paid salary between 1965 and 1990. We have submitted this evidence to the Tehsildar. In all these documents prior to 1983, it has been clearly stated that the land belonged to Muthaalamman Temple. Only in documents subsequent to that, Madarassa Pallivaasal has been included. None of the residents of the village have signed anywhere in consent. Moreover, to the north of the Temple about 36 cents of land belonging to the palace has been encroached upon by the Moslems. Without going into any of these facts and documents, government officials had thrown invectives at the Hindus and had used vulgar language against them. However, the people of the village have given an ultimatum to the authorities till the 15th of this month, stating that if no action is forthcoming on the part of them, they would indulge in continuous agitation till justice is done to them", he stated.. // 


About 2500 Hindu families and 150 Moslem families reside in this village. If the Moslems have the temerity and audacity to indulge in such an atrocity of stopping the Hindus, (in a place where Hindus are a huge majority), from proceeding ahead with renovation activities of their centuries old temple, the reason to this arrogance lies at the doorstep of this unjust Government. Government officials who are prepared to do anything against the law for the sake of Moslems should be punished. If we continue to ignore this 'minority appeasement politics',  which has emboldened the government officials to act in a parochial and unjust manner, then leading a life in this country would become a big question mark.  Vedic Science Research Centre, VSRC implores every Hindu to lend support to those villagers of Raajakkaa patti who are carrying on with this agitation, impelled by their indomitable devotion to their village deity.

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