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Temple razed down in Dindigul - Unholy nexus between Government officials and Jihadis

In the Dindigul town a famous Kali temple is situated at Begumpur Erumai kaaran street. There is a temple of Ganapathi near this Kali temple. In recent times, a devotee came forward to donate a piece of his land opposite to the Kali temple for Ganapathi temple. In accordance with this, during the first week of April, the idol made of mud was removed, an image of stone was consecrated and kumbhabhishekam was performed.


Annual festivities for the Kali Temple used to be celebrated during the Tamil month of Panguni. During these festivities, on 12.4.14, more than 200 persons belonging to Begumpur Big Mosque Jamaath joined together and claimed that the land where the Ganapathi idol had been consecrated belongs to the Waqf Board. Hence, they lodged a complaint with the Dindigul South Police Station demanding that the Ganapathi idol ought to be removed forthwith. Based on these, police called both the parties to the station and conducted talks. In the presence of Inspector of Police Paravaachi Devan, Sub Inspector Nazeem Pasha these talks were conducted. During these talks, Hindus argued with the officials showing the land documents. However, the police did not even care to browse the documents, argued in favour of the Moslems, ordered that the Ganapathi idol be removed immediately. After this they chased the Hindus away

dinidigual protest3

Learning about this, city in charge of Hindu Munnani Shri Sanjeevi, Shri. Kannan of BJP and few other office bearers of Hindu Munnani went to the police station immediately and conducted talks in the presence of Moslems, the Councillor of the area and the Tehsildar. Both the policemen as well as the government officials refused to listen to the arguments put forth by the Hindus and ordered that the Ganapathi idol be removed immediately. Not prepared to fall in line with the official atrocity, the Hindus of that area indulged in rasta roko stating that they would not let go of the temple. Women blocked the way to the Ganapathi idol. At this juncture, more than 200 extremist Moslems too armed with sticks and poles indulged in an agitation, thus creating a riot situation. Shri. Sanjeevi states that, the extremist Moslems then threatened him and other members of Hindu Munnani that they would not rest until the heads of Shri. Sanjeevi and others are chopped off.

 dinidigual protest1

Later, policewomen were brought in, who beat the women indulging in agitation, cleared the people and removed the idol of Ganapathi from the place. Moreover in connection with this they arrested 45 people, filed a case against them and released them on conditional bail at 11 pm. Presently the Ganapathi idol is in the possession of the police.


Extremist Moslems, unable to tolerate the fact that the Hindus had renovated a temple for worship purposes, have unleashed this atrocity with the connivance of the police. This incident only highlights the extent of strength gained by divisive and extremist forces in this country. It is regrettable that the police department which is expected to act in a non parochial and impartial manner and government officials, by being hand in glove in the atrocious act, have committed grave injustice to the Hindus. Not giving a damn to the threats unleashed by both the police and the extremist Moslems, the local Hindus had stood steadfast in trying to protect the temple.  We convey our heartfelt wishes and place on record our appreciation to the efforts of our Hindu brethren.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 10:08

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