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The Holiest of Holy, who returned 46 women safely!

The organization that has not been banned in India!

An achievement by lads, playfully!

No threat to India from them.

Who are they?

See carefully this sports T Shirt!

isis tshirt


The statement, We are with Iraq-Syria Islamic State is printed on it very clearly.

This ISIS organization is an armed fundamentalist Moslem terrorist group, which is waging a war against the elected governments of Syria and Iraq. This terrorist group, in the name of religion has not only slaughtered thousands of women, children and senior citizens in broad daylight, but also proudly uploaded all the pictures in its websites, proclaiming that this is an Islamic duty to do so.

abu bagdadi

ISIS is headed by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, a terrorist. This terrorist organization which has ended up capturing parts of Syria and Iraq, has proclaimed Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as Caliph - the Head of International Islamic Empire. This ISIS, which has as its sole goal of converting the whole world into an Islamic Empire, has published a map in the name of Dar-ul-Islam, that is Islamic World, in which it has vowed to make all regions marked in it Islamic states.

isis map


This terrorist organization has christened India Qursan and has declared it to be made a fundamentalist Islamic state, governed by Islamic laws. Islamic organizations are playing the fool with our national integration by terming wearing of T shirts that highlight the name of such a terrorist and separatist organization. To honour and acknowledge these "Holy men", who sent unharmed 46 women back to India, the Moslem youth of Thondi wore ISIS T shirts  - the arrested Moslem youth admitted this to the Superintendent of Police Shri. Mayilvahanan, reported The Hindu daily. 


isis the hindu


Those who eulogize the holiness of ISIS celebrate and extol the virtues of such people, if only women belonging to their families been released unharmed by these holy captors after keeping them 15 days in captivity?

ISIS is not a banned organization and hence no action should be taken against it - Many Moslems have registered their comments so on the pages of Facebook. The same opinion has been voiced by many Islamic organizations and self-crowned Intellectuals, who were crowing repeatedly in TV channels and magazines. 

fb sangairidwan


Unfortunately, The New Indian Express echoed this Muslim view point. Since ISIS is not an outlawed organisation in India it is an unusual case described "The New Indian Express"(TNIE, Chennai, 7.8.2014 ). Is the Indian Express justifying terror and secessionsm in the garb of legality and exempting them from legal action?

indianexpress isis


If anyone belonging to any Hindu organization speaks condemning Islamic terror, the hypocrites of the highest order do not waste any time in decrying them and accuse that it is only because of such people and their opinions that separatism is rearing its head. These eminents who rave and rant about it, as if they have been set on fire, had they a modicum of conscience left in them, what should have been their response?

Ban ISIS, which has declared that it would occupy India and convert it into an Islamist fundamentalist sate. Arrest its sympathizers! Would not have their demand and desire be thus? On the contrary, arguing that it is not a banned organization, thus advocating their statements and their actions is tantamount to treason, is it not? Sangai Rithuwan, who photographed these youth posing with the ISIS T shirts before Thondi mosque and posted the same on Facebook, terms these ISIS supporters "The whirl wind from Thondi".

sangai ridwan

sangai ridwan fb thondi

The term 'whirlwind' is not one that is used in the context of saving women or the gentle breeze which flows harmlessly. It is always used in the context of something that brings about a change and destruction through a massive act of destruction. That they would spread terrorism has been accepted by the Moslem themselves - when this is the case, media, government officials and "non-partisan" heroes, who advocate their cause are even more evil than the separatists themselves.

Separatist Moslem groups train Moslem youth and send them to fight for the cause of the terrorist organization ISIS to Iraq and Syria from our Tamilnadu. Haja Fakruddeen, belonging to Parangipettai of Cudallore district states thus during a telephone conversation with his parents on July 21 2014, which has been published by the Times of India daily - "Having got an opportunity to slaughter many people in Syria, my mission in life has been accomplished".

isis cuddalore indian express


Similarly The Hindu daily in its issue dated March 25, 2014 published the experiences of Gul Muhammed Marakkaachi Maraikaayar of Cudallore, who participated in the Iraq war.

 chennai youth fighting isis hindu


In a similar vein, a Tamil daily Maalaimalar had published in its news item dated August 14, 2014 that one Khaja Moideen had planned to send youth belonging to Coimbatore, Chennai, Kanyakumari, etc., to fight in the Syria front. So many Khaja Moideens and so many Maraikaayargal, unseen. How many Lebbais and how many Raavuthargal and how many Pathans!

malaimalar isis part2malaimalar isis part1


The same magazines which write that Moslem organizations are training terrorists and sending them to fight for the ISIS in Syria and Iraq, when it comes to writing and publishing about T shirts are muttering customary platitudes; thus it not only is tantamount to help the terrorists escape but also abetting and helping in their anti national activities. About 100 years ago, the Caliph who was the Islamic religious head and who reigned in Turkey was overthrown by Turks themselves under the leadership of Kemal Aataturk Pasha. That he be reinstated as Caliph, many Moslems from India travelled north. May we establish a Moslem world - to this effect Maulana Muhammed Ali and Shauqat Ali wrote a letter to the Amir of Afghanistan and asked him to wage a war on India. When they were not able to conquer the British, they vented their fury against thousands of innocent Hindus in Kerala and many women were raped. Property was pillaged; thousands of Hindus were converted. Ranked as one of the most gory riots in the history of the world, this riot has been termed 'The Moplah Riot'.

 Moplah Riots in Kerala

During this riot and 100 years before this happened, when the Amir of Afghanistan was invited to invade our country and the person who readily agreed to help and assist him - Tipu Sultan is being eulogized as an exemplar. Today, those who recruit for the cause of ISIS and those groups which indulge in such activities are demanding setting up of a memorial in honour of this very Tipu Sultan. And government and  political parties, who kneel and crawl for the sake of votes are prepared to serve at the beck and call of these anti national forces.

In this ISIS T shirt matter too, no Moslem organization representing the Moslem cause and indulging in riots or those who blabber from the rooftops about human rights and secular values have condemned these Moslem youth so far. However the Tamilnadu government was pleased to announce that no Moslem organization has been found to support ISIS.

When Moslems were attacked in Burma, protests took place in Mumbai and as a consequence war memorial of our nation was attacked. Even earlier, the American Consulate at Chennai was attacked in the context of the film "Innocence of Moslems" and as a consequence, Mount Road turned riotous. The whole of Tamilnadu had to bear the brunt because one mosque was razed to the ground and a Moslem was killed in Sri Lanka. Bombs were thrown in protest against the screening of the film Visvaroopam.

chennai usconsulate attack1amar-jawan-jyoti-b-14-08-20

The irony is that these Moslem organizations which express their ultra sensitivity and protest at the drop of the hat, look probably the other way, when thousands of Moslems are slaughtered in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and such other Moslem countries. If it were true that they are fighting for the Moslem cause, then why should they advocate the cause of ISIS which is guilty of slaughter of so many thousands of Moslems? Well, this protest or a war is not about the rights of Moslems.


It is amply clear that it for establishing a Islamic hegemony and Islamic autocracy at the international level, for which this fundamentalist, separatist and destructive protest is being waged. These Moslems who get aid from the government for undertaking the Haj and build Haj Houses all over the country, why have they not cared to fight against the ISIS, which swore to destroy the Kaaba of Mecca?




Tamil daily Dinamalar in its issue dated 13th August, 2014 published a statement released by the Central Government that India is not facing any threat from the ISIS; and this statement comes against the backdrop of all the magazines and dailies publishing numerous articles and stories about youth belonging to India going to fight for ISIS and the presence of many training camps and propaganda war being waged in support of ISIS in the country.

isis dinamalar nofear



For those who suffered under a weak kneed government for the past ten years, and who fervently hoped for a healthy change and voted for a strong government, this statement has come as a big blow. The Central government would change its perspective, we wish it changes and hope it will change.

As a consolation, the Tamil daily Dinamalar dated August 20, 2014 published an item which stated that in video, a terrorist belonging to Canada issues an appeal to the youth to enroll themselves in the ISIS and which has been subtitled in Tamil. Coming to know of this, the Central government has asked the Tamilnadu government to investigate into this matter seriously. Even after all these happening, the Tamilnadu government is firmly of the opinion that there is not serious threat or activity of ISIS in Tamilnadu. For the sake of votes, can the government itself indulge in the despicable act of selling the nation?

isis video tn dinamalar 20 8 2014


As Pakistan and Afghanistan turned terrorist churning machines, who would indulge in the twin tower destruction, Mumbai blasts, attempt to demolish the Indian Parliament, bombing of railway stations of Europe, these two nations are considered black sheep by the comity of nations. The jungle raj of Taliban is ruling the roost here and these nations are Taliban lands. Today, if terrorists are being exported from Tamilnadu to Syria and Iraq, then how do we term the government here - Rule by Tamils or by Taliban?

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