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Anti national elements and well planned Arson

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Shimoga, a town famous for its cool climate and indegenous medicines for cancer, is now in deep trouble. Reason is the Popular Front of India, a kind of a
consortium of several Jehadi outfits. The foundation day of this outfit of outfits was celebrated on 19th of February 2015. We don't know whether this is the
date every year or they follow the Arab Hijri system of 10 months' annual calendar and have a differnt date per that calendar. But whenever they do something
they incite and end up with violence.

The Kerela Government, in 2010, has submitted in the State High Court that any procession or public gatherings of this PFI is violence prone and should not
be allowed in the interest of tranquil life of the general public. The High Court accepted the point and banned any kind of public gathering including processions with army like fatigues by PFI in Kerela.


But this year in Karnataka the procession and public meeting of this PFI was banned initially by the district administration. The reason cited was an
intelligence input that PFI had planned for arsoning during the procession and the gathering. But later someone who is in the who's who of the State politics
allegely intervened and made the district administration to permit the activities of PFI against their well considered earlier decision. Could be, the
typical Congress way of staying in power by appeasing minorities at all costs. This was told by one Patapat Srinivasa in a debate in Udaya TV and none from
the Government nor anyone who is someone with the ruling setup in Karnataka have refuted this allegation.


The PFI had taken a procession named Unity march. There were shibboleths raised in high decibel which were pro Pakistan and anti Hindu. The public protest
against these shoutings were suppressed successfully by the Police. The pro Pakistan slogans continued even after Police requested the processionists not to
shout them. When the procession reached the vegetable market, some participants of the procession claimed that they were stoned. That was the starting point
for hell to break loose. Rioting was started by the Moslems from the procession in Gopi Circle and Gandhi Bazar areas. Stones were pelted at static and
moving vehicles by the Moslems from the procession.


The shops and buildings were stoned too. Roadside vegetable and fruit vendors selling from hand pushed carts were attacked and their carts were set on fire.
Ladies, making a living by selling flowers and fruits were also attacked. Sugarcane vendors were attacked and their machines were badly damaged. When the
violence was fireballing in the Shivappa Nayaka circle, Police was attacked by the Moslems in the Gandhi Nagar circle. Police had to use force to disperse
the mob and bring the area under their control. Tear gas was said to have been used at a couple of points by the Police as reported later in the social

The processionists found a man named Viswanath on their way to the place where their public meeting was to be held. Viswanath and his friends were attacked
by the Moslem mob with beastly ferocity that Viswanath died on his way to hospital and two of his friends are still under intensive medical care. Many other
people who were attacked by this mob in their violent frenzy are in hospital.


A group carrying a dead body to perform the last rights was attacked and the corpse was thrown away on the road by the Moslem mob. Stones were pelted on
those who tried to get the corpse back on its wood while a separate gang threw stones on the corpse. Such a thick skinned violence had never took place in
this place and the some of the locals said they experience shocked in every cell of their body seeing this ruthless violence.

Tyres were taken from the roadside puncture shops and burnt after beating the mechanics away. Many shops were stonned and houses were attacked. By standers
and onlookers were attacked unkindly in the Nehru Road, Durgigudi and B H Road areas. The area wore a deserted look as the general public were attacked for
no reason. Police have clamped CrPC Sec.144 in Shimoga and the surrounding places to keep the situation under control.


The print and electronic media which would discuss the phantom of erosion of religious tolernace even if a window glass of a Moslem house is broken by boys
playing street cricket, sat with a deafening silence on this senseless violence. A man was murdered, but he was a Hindu. Many people are hospitalized injured
in the violence, but they're all Hindus. The town was almost shut down with most of the people subjected to disgusting violence, but they were Hindus. So,
the media with a secular brand of India could not speak as it won't behove of it's Indian secular credentials*.
(*Elsewhere in the world secular means keeping religion off, only in India secularism means appeasing Moslem and Christian religions while trying keeping
Hinduism away. Perhaps, these seculars don't consider Islam and Christianity as religions!!!)

Well, what is this Popular Front of India? What kind of an outfit is this?

As a consortium of Jehadi outfits in India, PFI was started in Kerala in 2006. Later it merged with Karnataka Forum for Dignity of Karnataka and Manitha
Neethi Pasarai in Tamil Nadu and later in 2009, with Goa's Citizen's Forum, Rajasthan's Community Social and Educational Society, West Bengal's Nagarik
Adhikar Suraksha Samiti, Manipur's Lilong Social Forum and Andhra Pradesh’s Association of Social Justice. Claiming to be involved in issues such as Muslim
reservations, personal law courts for Muslims, the cause of Dalits, Muslims and tribals, and scholarships to deprived Muslim students, this outfit engages in
an activities those are unlawful and anti social.

In 2012, the Government of Kerala informed the High Court their stand that the activities of Popular Front are inimical to the safety of the country and is
"nothing but a resurrection of the banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in another form", in its argument to ban the organization's Indian
Independence day's commemoration program, the "Freedom Parade". The High Court upheld the ban imposed by the state Government.


In July 2010, Kerala Police had unearthed country-made bombs, weapons and CDs and documents containing Taliban and Al-Queda propaganda from PFI activists.The
raids conducted were termed undemocratic and unconstitutional by the leaders of PFI.

2013, Kerala Police have raided a training camp held at Narath, Kannur and arrested 21 activists of the Popular Front of India. Country-made bombs, swords,
raw materials for making bombs and pamphlets in the name of PFI were seized by the police. The raid was conducted at the office building of Thanal Charitable
Trust. Some documents with the names of several leading political and social personalities and vehicles were also seized, which police suspect was a hit-
list. The Popular Front leadership and those arrested claimed that it was a Yoga training program organized as part of a personality development program. For
Yoga program what was the need for bombs, swords and raw materials for bomb making? The PFI leadership pressed for a thorough enquiry into this as it alleged
that the raids were an attempt to tarnish its image. On 18 May 2013, the NIA had arrived to investigate the alleged extremist activities in Narath.[64] The
chargesheet submitted at special NIA court in Oct 2013 states that the accused formed small groups and were working for terror activities.


In 2012, the Kerala Government informed the Kerala High Court in an affidavit, that Popular Front of India had been actively involved in 27 murder cases,
mostly of cadres of CPI-M and RSS. In 2014, the State Government has again submitted before the Kerala High Court that the PFI activists were involved in 27
communally motivated murders, 86 attempt to murders and in 106 communal riots. Cases for all these have been registered in the state. This affidavit was
filed in response to a petition filed by PFI. The outfit just gave a rebuttal in its mouthpiece, but with no proofs to counter the allegations.


In Jan 2011, Kerala Police has filed a charge sheet against 27 PFI activists in conjunction with an incident in which they allegedly chopped the hand off of
a Kerala professor who had allegedly offended the religious sentiments of his students. It is reported that the attack resulted from the ruling from one of
the Darul Khada operating in the state. They call these kangaroo courts as Shariah justice centers!! The Kerala state police claimed to be "unearthing the
vast network" of the PFI,[88] and after a series of raids on the houses of PFI members, the district secretary of the PFI "threatened the officer with dire
consequences if he continued raiding the houses of its activists."


In 2012, Vishalkumar, a student of NSS College, Konni, an active worker of ABVP was attacked inside the campus of Christian College and stabbed from behind
to death. Three ABVP activists were attacked by an armed group of 15 PFI activists. Police arrested Nazim and Shafeeq. Police said that they are searching
for nineteen more persons in connection with the murder.

In the same year, Sachin Gopal, a student of Modern ITC and Kannur Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad district leader, was allegedly stabbed from back by
members of Campus Front and Popular Front of India. He later died of his injuries at KMC Hospital in Mangalore.


In TamilNadu, outfits related to this PFI have been involved in the merciless attacks on Hindu leaders and their ruthless murders. There have been instances
in Chennai of a Hindu man being forcibly disembarked from a bus for worshipping a passing Hindu temple while a Moslem was sitting by. The unruly protest by
Moslems in Mount Road, Chennai against a movie made in the US belittling their prophet Mohammed. The apartheid pratices against Hindus in Moslem majority
villages in Ramanathapuram District of TamilNadu. There were harsh attacks on Hindu people for the death of a doper Moslem at a Police station near
Ramanathapuram. Such incidents instill fear in the minds of innocent people and make tranquil life in the State a big question mark.

The outfits of PFI in TamilNadu have organized an arms training program for its cadre in the Ramanathapuram district of TamilNadu. When Police found and
questioned them about the training, the reply was that it was a Karate training. Have people from West Bengal, Bihar, UP, AP and Kerela have come all the way
to learn Karate in Tamil Nadu? Also, what was the need for shooting ranges and lethal weapons in Karate training classes? PFI didn't answer.

In 2014 the PFI took out a procession of a similar nature to celebrate its foundation day. They have promised the Police that there would be no uniformed
march in the procession and it would be a peaceful procession. But as usual, they have gone back on their word and clad a military like uniform and were
beating drums too in the procession. They have debauched from the route the Police have chalked out for the procession and had resorted to violence when the
Police questioned their behaviour. The mob attempted to run down the district Police Deputy Chief Velladurai during the violence.

The Burdwan bomb blasts and arms haul in West Bengal has proven connections to TamilNadu, especially the terror outfits' gangs operating out of Ramanathapuram district.


Popular Front of India is a consortium of extremist outfits that supports terror in the name of Islam by all means. It also aids and abetts Jehadi activities. PFI has links with many of the Jehadi outfits those identify themselves with Taliban or Al Qaeda or ISIS. This PFI is working overtime to set up an operating field for such terrorists in India. Banning this outfit, en masse, is essential for national security. Letting them be, would lead to a situation similar to 1998 of Coimbatore or worse. Those who wish to live a peaceful life in this nation would definitely won't like to live with these terrorists. Government should take note of and act. It is high time.

Vande Mataram.


This is the English version of our earlier article in Tamil on this subject.

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