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Raging Christian Atrocity at Dhaadikombu, Dindigul, Tamilnadu - Police a Silent Spectator

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bhagavathi amman kovilbhavathi-amman-kovil

At Dhaadikombu, situated in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, there is a famous temple of Soundararaja Perumal, (Vishnu), surrounding which are temples for Bhagawathy Amman, Muthaalamman and other such deities. Only Hindus reside around the temples. Outside of the streets surrounding the Temple, a Christian had purchased land to construct a house about ten years ago and he converted the place into a Baalwaadi. Professionals fraudsters, the Christians converted this Baalwaadi subsequently into a Church before 7 years. Hindu Munnani organized various agitations condemning this act of theirs; however the government of the day did not pay any heed.


Today, (02.03.2014) evening the Christians decided to go on a procession on the temple streets of Dhaadikombu, in which only Hindus reside. Local Hindus lodged a complaint with the police asking them not to give permission to the procession. About 50 Christians surrounded the three Hindus, who went to lodge a complaint and threatened to slaughter them if they went ahead with their complaint. Learning about this, local Hindus joined together and passed a resolution that they would not permit the Christian procession to happen on the Temple streets. Sensing that the situation may go out of control, police and the tahsildar called both the Hindus and the Christians for a dialogue today morning. No one attended the meeting representing the Christian community. The locals also vouch that a Christian Sub Inspector of Dhaadikombu police station and the tahsildar of the area promised that they would ensure that the procession passes off safely and hence the Hindus should desist from protesting, so they had threatened.

DSC 4069 smallhindus protest at thadikompu

Meanwhile today evening (2.3.14) the Hindus of Agaram in Dhaadikombu along with their women and children, as a mark of silent protest sat on the streets. However, the police rushed to the spot, placed barricades on the village limits and advised the Hindus to clear off, assuring that the procession shall not enter the town. As the police were negotiating thus, Chrisitians had gathered and were adamant that they would pass through the temple streets. On one side of the barricade were the Hindus and on the other were Christians, who had assembled without any legal sanction and in between were buttressed a tense police force, Dhaadikombu now resembles a battlefield. Christians from nearby villages like uzhavanpatti, who had no business to be in the town had been brought to the town in vehicles, principally to indulge in arson and riots.


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Police force, instead of arresting the arsonists and preventing them from carrying on their procession on the Temple streets, remain mute spectators.


Christians assembling with such force to indulge in arson signifies that there must be some bigger power which is supporting the unjust actions of them. Whether the police would intervene and act justly or betray the trust of the law abiding Hindus, we have to wait and watch!


 Angry Public Roaring against this atrocity


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  • Comment Link venkateswaran Friday, 07 March 2014 01:06 posted by venkateswaran

    Tamilnadu is fast becoming the base for the Christian conversion mafia. The intention behind christiana to hold procession around a temple in an exclusive hindu area is only to buuly the innocent Hindus. That the police, govt officials & media remained indifferent is nothing new for Hindus in this country. Had Hindus taken out a procession along a church or mosque all hell would have broken loose upon them.this is the price a community pays for be in secular.

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