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Ban on hoisting Tricolor. Government buckles to Jihadi threat?

This article translated by:  Arunprabu

Villupuram, a north eastern distritct of TamilNadu, is fast becoming another strong hold of Jehadi forces in TamilNadu. Lying 100 miles south of Chennai, the district predominantly has a Hindu population and a has a lot of temples of fame. We also have a Jain Math there called Jina Kandhi Math in this district.


The Jehadi forces have managed to be tacit in their activities mainly due to media silence. The shocking show of Jehadi strength has happened during the Republic Day celebrations this year. We had the news breaking through the social media site Facebook. One of the users shared letter from the Villupuram town Police Inspector that hoisting the Tricolor on 26th of January'14 would cause religious tension between Hindus and Moslems and hence permission for hoisting Tricolor was denied.


When we inquired into this quite anti national order of the Police. In the course of our investigation, we spoke with quite a few people from the general public and some from Hindu organisations. The public were of the opinion that Police refusing permission to hoist Tricolor on Republic day citing Hindu - Moslem tension was shocking. One of the ladies we spoke with expressed shock at this action of the Police and asked if Police can't protect the national flag what is the point of having them.


Along with the general public, we also spoke with Mr.Rajkumar a District Council Member of Hindu Munnai. An arm of the Sangh Parivar as it is popularly known, Hindu Munnani has a presence throughout the State in almost every village. While speaking with us Mr.Rajkumar said that the city unit of Hindu Munnai wanted to celebrate the Republic Day by hoisting the Tricolor and distributing aid materials to the needy in the Mandakarai grounds of Villipuram town. They went to the Police asking permission for the celebrations. A letter was given by Mr. P.Ramu, the President of the city unit of Hindu Munnai to the town Police Inspector on 23/01/14. Replying to the letter on 24/01/14, the Police Inspector stated that they need to regulate public gatherings, meetings etc as Section 30(2) of the TamilNadu Police Act was in force. He cited a tension between Hindus and Moslems two years ago as a reason not to allow hoisting of Tricolor in the said ground. The Hindu leaders protested stating that they were not planning to hoist the flag of any political party or socio-religious organisations. They were planning to hoist the National Flag on the Republic Day and would be playing some patriotic songs through the audio systems.


But Police refused permission to hoist the Tricolor citing intelligence information on religious tension based on earlier incidents and orders from the top. The Hindu leaders have told the Police that they were going to hoist the Tricolor on 26th Jan as the citizens do not need permission to celebrate the Republic day, so they would go ahead with hoisting the Tricolor and if the Police wanted to take any action for that, they could do so as by the law. Announcement was made to the public that the Hindu Munnani would hoist Tricolor on 26th of January 2014 at the Mandakarai grounds. On 26th January, there was a strong force of Police on the grounds to stop the hoisting of Tricolor. The assembled people, residents of the locality, were told to vacate the place as they didn't have permission to hoist the National Flag. Contrary to the expectations of the Police, the  hundreads of general public, men, women and children sat on the grounds and demanded that the Police protect them if they fear any attack while hoisting the Tricolor, said Mr.Rajkumar.


The Police then permitted hoisting of Tricolor in the nearby library, but with the public pressure still on, the Police permitted hoisting of Tricolor in the Mandakarai Grounds. The Tricolor fluttered on that day after a long and tedious struggle by Hindu leaders and the residents of the locality.

  • Why do we have such a worse situation in our own nation for hoisting our own National flag?
  • What made the Police to decide to ban hoisting of the National flag?
  • What is the problem the Moslems have with hoisting the National flag?
  • If intelligence wing had advised potential Jehadi attack on Republic day, should the Police really ban hoisting the Tricolor?
  • Are we so weak a State?


What was the 'earlier incidents' that the Police have cited for the probable religious tension?

When we probed further, Mr.Rajkumar opened up further. In 2012, the TMMK an outfit under the SDPI umbrella, had hoisted their flag in the Mandakarai grounds. After a while TMMK built quite a big compound around the flag post. The ground is public property that belongs to the Villupuram Municipality. So, Hindu Munnai objected to this building of a private compound on a public place. The TMMK protested and asked for eviction of all illegal occupation on all Municipality lands. The local body decided to evict all illegal occupants and when finally the encroachment of TMMK was to be taken off, around 15 Moslem men stood around the compound and demanded that the local authorities should leave the place or 'go past' them to demolish the compound. Sensing trouble the local authorities back tracked and the TMMK was let off with their encroached ground. Interestingly in the Mandakarai grounds, flags of all political parties and socio-religious organisations are hoisted, but when Hindu Munnani opted to hoist their flag there, it was not allowed citing violence from Moslems.


Series of protests and complaints to the local authorities had no effect as potential law and order trouble was cited if the TMMK encroachment was to touched. Mr.Rajkumar lamented that the public land might soon be given off by the Municipality to TMMK as they keep going up in arms if their demands, undue as always, were not met. With such a violent threat posed day by day in every way, Villupuram is buzzing with activities of Jehadi forces and tranquil life of the Hindu people are being put into trouble in all ways. The general public had two prime questions:

  • If the general public could not be allowed to hoist the national flag in our motherland, are we living in Pakistan or Afghanistan or in our own India?
  • Why Hindu Munnani has not been allowed to hoist their flag in the grounds while all other organisations have their flags fluttering?
  • The Police have the duty of protecting people from the anti-social and anti-national elements, but here the Police has buckled to the threats of anti-national forces. This makes the Police not a force but a farce.


The anti national mindset of these Jehadi forces and the caving in of Government machinery to Jehadi violence threat shows that we're growing weaker against elements threatening the Constitutional setup of India. People are upset with the arrogant anti-national forces, the petrified Police force and the docile Municipal body. It is high time that the Government wakes up to the facts of the situation and act accordingly.



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Last modified on Friday, 10 October 2014 17:59

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