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Man who muttered a prayer in a Chennai city bus ordered to get down by Moslems - Conductor connives

The zeal and fanaticism of Moslem fundamentalists, even after waging countless wars against a country which has lead the world for many millennia, raze it to the dust,  made blood flow like rivers and ultimately partition the nation has not stopped raging, all the above notwithstanding. They are hell bent upon converting all the citizens to Islam. To achieve this purpose, they adopt not just torture and threat, but indulge in the murder those leaders who serve the Hindu population, destroy Hindu places of worship, abduct Hindu women and destroy their lives, entice Hindu boys to Islam and train them as terrorist. Whereas self serving politicians, to cater to their selfish interests, speak ''pseudo secularism'' and abide by the interests of these Moslems. This has facilitated Islamic terrorism to gain an ample foothold. The country today is witnessing acts of Islamic terrorism throughout. However as a new addition, as is the usual practice with the Christians, Moslems too these days denigrate their co religionists, thereby conspire religious conversions.


Lo! This man is our Hindu brother, Murugan (name has been changed); through his two experiences, we are able to understand the cunningness of the Moslems. When we hear about these incidents, we cannot but entertain the doubt whether we are living in India or not.  When Murugan was travelling in a city bus, it passed by a very ancient Shiva Temple at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - Marundeeswarar. Upon seeing the tower of the temple Murugan bowed in obeisance, which is but a natural act of devotion of any devout Hindu. A fundamentalist Moslem who was seated next to Murugan was not able to tolerate even this harmless and simple act.


The fundamentalist Moslem somehow was itching for a fight and denigrated Murugan stating that Lord Shiva is nothing but a phallus and hence worshipping a phallus is cheap and vulgar, there by hurting the sentiments of Murugan. Not anticipating such a verbal assault Murugan chided the Moslem in a peaceful manner stating that faith is a personal matter and it would be better if he does not interfere in it. However the cruel Moslem had repeatedly denigrated other Hindu gods and goddesses. Pained beyond redemption, Murugan cautioned the fundamentalist Moslem not to denigrate Hinduism and create an unnecessary ruckus. Immediately other Moslems in the bus joined hands and warned Murugan that they would chop his hands and legs. Not just that, they threatened Murugan stating that they would send persons from the Jamaath to his house and murder him; and it would be better if he disembarks from the bus and run away to save his life. The conductor of the bus too stops the bus there itself and asked Murugan to get down. This raises a big question mark as to whether in this country, freedom of worship has been confiscated from our hands? Now we shall see another incident.


After the occurrence of the above mentioned incident, Murugan visited Royapuram. A young man in his neighborhood returned after visiting a temple and was sporting a Rudraksha bead in his neck. An old fundamentalist Moslem residing in the neighborhood called him aside and allured him stating that if only he were to discard all his religious symbols, stop going to temples and becomes a Moslem, then he could lead a luxurious life.


Seeing this happen, Murugan went to the elderly Moslem and questioned him about the allurement. When the Moslem started to leave without giving any reply, Murugan caught hold of his hand and prevented him from leaving. Upon this immediately the fundamentalist Moslem raised a hue and cry wailing that Murugan is threatening to beat him; on hearing this Moslems who are waiting to indulge in arson and violence gather in numbers and the atmosphere is ripe for a riot. Subsequently, policemen engaged in negotiations and peace talks and asked the crowd to disperse. But before that they have not forgotten to castigate Murugan. But, not surprisingly they have not taken any action against the person who offered allurements to convert a  Hindu.  A case of more loyal than the king?


Moslems have these days mastered the art of creating problems, enact a drama as if they are the affected party and gather in large numbers to succeed in getting their things done. Selfish politicians, who would do anything for the sake of votes  is also one of the reasons for such a dangerous state of affairs. Every Hindu ought to stand up to his principles and ideals and protest against atrocities like Murugan. Only then the culture and integrity of the nation would be preserved. Vedic Science Research Centre, VSRC places on record its sincerest appreciation to the young man, who fearlessly defended his faith against the onslaught of Moslem fundamentalists.

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Last modified on Thursday, 09 October 2014 19:30

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