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Wherever elections occur, social groups in those countries in order to increase representation of their interests or ensure dominance in the forthcoming government or to satisfy their requirements, would strive for a government favourable to them. Similarly many foreign powers too, strive to establish their influence and to improve their economies, would conspire to form a government in other countries that would take a positive stand vis-a-vis their interests.


In today's world, the population of youth in India is the maximum. The natural wealth of our country is immense. Hence, if a strong government is formed at the Centre, then our nation would be transformed into a formidable power; and India then would be in a position to change the political landscape of the world - knowing this truth, the Prime Ministerial aspirant and hope of Bharathiya Janatha Party shri. Narendra Bhai Modi is taking this truth to the people's court and is sending jitters in the spines of his opponents. Can the foreign powers tolerate India on the path of prosperity and strength? So, in order to defeat this march of India, two foreign powers that lock horns in the international arena, interestingly have entered into an unholy alliance.


In the 1950's, to defeat the Communists of Kerala, Christian Church lavished money to ensure victory for Congress party. This fact has been recorded by those correspondents of BBC, who have written a book on the history of Nehru family. The name of this work is called Dynasty. Who gave money to the Christian Church of Kerala? Undoubtedly it was America; and the reason was to stop India from allying with its enemy, Russia. What is the basis of this group belonging to our country, which is sworn to rush to the aid of a foreign power? The reason is religion obviously, which reinforces the existing fact that religious conversions end up harming nationalism.


In a similar vein, Moslems of New Delhi voted en masse Aam Aadmi Party to power, in the belief that it is the only party which would oppose the BJP tooth and nail. We had seen before six months that Aam Aadmi party received election funds through internet from Pakistan. The leader of this party Arvind Kejriwal had on an earlier occasion sought the support of a terrorist supporting Pakistan and another leader Prashanth Bhushan voiced his opinion that there is nothing wrong in Kashmir joining with Pakistan. In this instance too, it is as clear as daylight,  that a religious group functions as a handmaiden of a foreign power.


In the present political context of our country, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi presents a picture of a strong leadership and offers a healthy alternative to an ineffective and corrupt Central Government. Efforts galore were undertaken to somehow prevent him from emerging successfully in the hearts of the people. Ironically all these efforts turned advantageous to Modi and consequently two foreign powers which are inimical to one another in the international arena happily have joined hands through their respective religious representatives to destroy Modi and Modi effect.


On 3rd April 2014, the Italian leader of Indian National congress Sonia Gandhi met Imam Bukhari, the Usbek of Jumma Masjid , New Delhi, stated that the growth of Modi does not bode well for both the communities and appealed to him for support in the common cause of annihilating the common enemy, Narendra Bhai Modi and his alliance. In Gujarat and other states ruled by BJP, people of all religious hues are progressing without any difference. Hence even Christians and Moslems too are attracted to nationalism. This sense has ensured victory for Modi. And to put a halt to the juggernaut of Modi, communalism could be the only Brahmastra that may prove effective, so scheming they have been forced to form this Italian-Uzbek alliance.


Sonia Maino was born into a family that has strong Fascist connections during the 2nd world war. She, with the aid of many Italian middlemen indulged merrily in many scams and acts of treachery. She however did not even bother to apply for an Indian citizenship, till her sweetheart Rajiv Gandhi came near the portals of Prime Minister ship and she thus remained an Italian citizen in the home of Indian Prime Minister for 15 long years.


The family of the Imam of New Delhi was brought by Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan from Uzbekistan and settled in our country. Driven by the belief that Indians are unfit to be even religious leaders, Indian Moslems were placed under  this Uzbek descendant of Mohammed. Will these foreigners who thirst for domination, teach about the greatness of this land? Similar to the imposition of European dominance by Christianity, Islam too enforced itself upon this land. The seat of Islamic power, the New Delhi Imam of Samarkhand province of Uzbekistan meets the leader of Congress, a citizen of Italy of the Pope.


After the meeting of the national leaders of these two nations, in Cobra Post, which is an aficionado  of Italian Congress released a video documentary containing interviews stating that in 1992, Hindu organizations conspired to demolish the Masjid that had earlier been built over the remains of Ram Temple. Around the same time this documentary was released, Economist magazine which is published from Christian England opined that in today's context, even though Rahul Gandhi may not possess the administrative acumen to run the country, he would still be a better Prime Minister, as Narendra Bhai Modi would prove divisive.


After these news items were released, the Uzbek leader Bukhari on the 4th of April 2014, during the Friday prayer meeting, calls upon his faithful to vote for Congress party. In his release, while strongly criticizing the Congress, he however sought to justify his  support for the Congress citing the reason that this support is necessary to defeat the communal Modi. Christian and Moslem religions do not stop with behaving like flocks of sheep under these fundamentalist leaders; they remain inseparable organs of Universal Christianity and Universal Islam and do not function as organs of India.  If in their eyes communalism is greater than the development and progress of our nation, it proves beyond doubt that love for alien religion submerges the love for the nation. This is a challenge to all patriots and those who love Bharat..


This.... is a moment of reckoning........ whether the Italian-Uzbek nexus should triumph? OR Free Bharat should emerge the victor?

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