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220px-Robert Caldwell

In order to honour the contribution of Robert Caldwell towards the cause of Tamil, the Tamilnadu Government has ordered a celebration. The order of the Tamilnadu government rebels against the unity, integrity, sovereignty and culture of this land. Robert Caldwell is the Father of the so called Aryan-Dravidian communal divide which has been  rubbished in all fields - Science, Linguistics, History and Culture.


This fraudster Robert Caldwell, a missionary, came to Tamil Nadu, studied Tamil, distorted the language and schemed to separate Tamils from their culture. In the name of Tamil culture, his opinions which encouraged animosity between communities and castes were taken per se as historical documents and that poison he injected is still playing its dirty game in our veins. The so called historical research of this fraudster was taken as mantra by the British in the Kamudhi court case, when they decreed Nadar community as untouchables. As a consequence, many people belonging to the Nadar community who reside in the southern districts of Thamizh nadu were converted to Christianity in large numbers.


Shri. Karunanidhi when he organized the Semmozhi Maanaadu - Classical Language Conference announced in public that it was Robert Caldwell who brought the realization that Thamizh is a classical language. There is absolutely no reference whatsoever of Caldwell having mentioned Tamil as a Classical language. Caldwell just indicated the tradition of Tholkaapiyam, an ancient Tamil literature, which classifies Tamil into two - Senthamizh and Kodum thamizh (Pure Tamil and Hard Tamil). When he listed the classical languages of the world as five, Caldwell did not care to mention Tamil in the list. In the grammar work written by him, he mentions about the tradition of classifying Kannada too into two - Halla Kannada and Kodum Kannada. Based on this, no Kannadiga hails Caldwell as one who gave recognition to Kannada.


Certain symbols were needed to convert Tamils to Christianity. And Robert Caldwell is verily the monster symbol created by the Evangelical Church to accomplish the above task. It is a shame to celebrate Caldwell, his actions and his birth, a man who did untold harm to Tamil, Tamil culture and National Integration. Hence, it is a fervent plea of Vedic Science Research Centre, VSRC to the Tamilnadu Government to eschew ballot politics and desist from bestowing recognition upon traitors to the Tamil cause and the Tamil community.

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