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இராம ஜென்ம பூமி அகழ்வாராய்ச்சி புகைப்படங்களின் தொகுப்பு

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 A.1) A 2nd - 1st century BCE Terracotta from Kaushambi Showing Ravana Carrying away sita.

A.3) A terracotta figure from Nachara Khera, with the name Rama inscribed in Brahmi characters of the 3rd century CE.

  2nd- 1st century BCE Terrcotta Kaushambi showing Ravana carrying Sita


 A.2a) Seal with legend Sri SitaRama found at Kashmi Smast dated around 3rd century CE.

A.2b)  Seal with legend Sri SitaRama found at Kashmir Smast dated around 3rd Century CE

 Seal with Sri Sita Rama found at Kashmir dated around 3rd century CE









 B) Excavations of the ASI at Ramajanmabhumi

B.1 - General view of the excavated trenched in the souther area

B.2 - North-South oriented brick all with plastered inner face

 ramajanmabhoomi excavation


 B.3 Wall 16 of the temple with decorated architecutural members

B.4 Southwestern corner of the disputed structure resting over and earlier brick wall

ramajanmabhoomi excavations


 B.5 Pillar Base 13 in section facing north

B.6 Pillar bases attached to the contemporary floor 2 in northern area

ramajanmabhoomi excavations


 B.7 Circular Shrine

B.8 Tank-like structure below Rama Chabutra

ramajanmabhoomi excavations


B.9 Pranala of Temple reused in wall of the mosque

B.10 Close up pf Makara-pranala

 ramajanmabhoomi excavtions


B.11 Decorated octagonal sandstone block with floral motif on pillar base 32

B.12 Comparative pilaster from Dharmachakarajina vihar, Sarnath

 ramajanmabhoomi excavations


 C. Artefacts recovered during exacavation at the site



  E. Maps of the disputed site presented in the Allahabad High Court

 ramajanmabhoomi excavations map


ramajanmabhoomi excavations map



F.1 A 1.10 x .56 meter stone slab carrying a 20-line long inscription. written in characters of the 12th century CE, it gives all the details regarding the construction of the temple.



E.4 A Map of the Ramajanmabhumi/Babri Majid Complex dated early 18th century from the Kapad Dwar Collection in Jaipur




புகைப்படங்கள்  Rama & Ayodha by Meenakshi Jain, Published by Aryan Books International, New Delhi. என்ற ஆங்கில புத்தக்கதிலிருந்து பெறப்பட்டன. 

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