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Jihadi Attacks on the streets of Ramanathapuram - Reminiscent of Kashmir

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Posters and sign bills were pasted everywhere in the district of Ramanathapuram, portraying that the police had indulged in bloody acts of violence against innocent Moslems. Not content with these, there were demonstrations too. Nakkeeran, a magazine which gives VIP status to all hues of anti-nationals and anti-socials elements, accused Hindus of attacking Moslems!!. A question crossed our minds whether things like these could happen; that too in Ramanathapuram whose Collector Shri. Nandakumar had infamously denied even the fundamental religious rights to Hindus?


  ramanathapuram poster ramanathapuram PFI poster


nakkeran news


All dailies dated 18.02.14 published reports about how Popular Front of India, PFI defied the ban, took out a procession and when policemen tried to prevent them from doing so, how they attacked the innocent public. This being the situation, it is intriguing as to from where Nakkeeran, an avowed Veerappan loyalist got such an obnoxious and outlandish information! Veera Velu Naachiyaar, Special Representative of Vedic Science Research Centre, VSRC contacted those affected and also members of public too belonging to the place of arson and gave us the requisite information.


ramanathapuram pfi march vilolence newspaper cutting ramanathapuram violence newspaperdinamalar news


Popular Front of India, PFI a fundamentalist Moslem organisation sought permission from the police to hold a procession and a public meeting in commemoration of the founding day of their organisation. The procession route was planned to begin near Kumaraiyya Koil street, where Hindus were in a majority and end in Chinnakadai, which is a Moslem majority area and this was a deliberate plan to engineer riots. The police while realizing the design behind this route map, denied permission to conduct a procession, whereas accorded the same to hold a public meeting.

Pfi flag small 


Accepting the condition of not holding a procession initially, members of PFI at about 4 pm on 17.02.2014 were adamant that they would take out a procession from Kumaraiyya Koil Street with full fledged band instruments and uniforms. Meanwhile fundamentalist Moslems from all corners of Tamilnadu started to arrive at the site in vans, cars and other vehicles, over which fluttered the flag of their organization. Women, children, elderly people and school students with uniforms were deliberately brought to be used as human shields. Within a short span of time, the assemblage reached 2000 in number. At this point of time the policemen asked the processionists to disperse, but they attempted to dash a vehicle on the Deputy Superintendent of Police Shri Vellathurai. Fortunately, he escaped from this murderous attack.


ramanathapuram pfi march violence


In spite of this murderous attack, policemen engaged in peace talks with the Moslem arsonists. Even as talks were progressing, PFI extremists defied the ban and went ahead with their procession; as a result, the police were left with no other alternative other than lathicharge. All along the procession route strong poles which carried the flags of PFI had been deliberately arranged for every three feet with the intention of indulging in arson -  stated Sudhakar of Bharati Nagar. He was proved right when these flag poles turned weapons in the hands of Moslem fundamentalists. A dilapidated building on the National Highways provided them with an arsenal of stones. Apart from these, things like chili powder, iron rods, etc., were used by the arsonists.


ramanathapuram pfi march-violence3


Not anticipating this attack, the policemen were stunned for a few minutes. Sixteen policemen including an Inspector of Police, Shri. Rajamani were injured during this attack. As the situation appeared to cross limits, policemen lobbed tear gas shells to disperse the mob

 ramanathapuram pfi police assualt

Even from the afternoon of 17.02.14, since the acts of assemblage of Moslems began and their activities resembled an atmosphere of arson, a majority of shopkeepers did not open shop after their lunch intervals; however a few shops remained open said a shopkeeper.


ramanathapuram pfi praveen victim

Shri. Praveen spoke to us over telephone from the hospital -

// I normally wear Sindoor tilak on my forehead and protection threads on my wrists. I work in a workshop adjacent to Kumaraiyya Koil Bus Stop. When the occurrence happened, the owner of the workshop had gone out to have his food. At around 4 pm, when the police indulged in lathicharge, a section of the mob barged in to our workshop and I asked them to get out of the premises immediately..

However, they started attacking me with ferocity. In order to prevent me from escaping, two of them caught hold of my hands. Others from the mob attacked me with flag poles. Apart from myself, there were five more workers in the workshop; the Moslem arsonists continued to attack me and did not heed to the pleas of my co workers. After this they carried me in their Sumo van and fled from the scene. On seeing this happen, it was only the policemen who saved my life and brought me back. Those shop owners who closed their shops after lunch did not open their shops for the day. I was attacked because I wore Hindu religious symbols. 

I am now undergoing treatment in a hospital and am unable to turn my neck. The hospital authorities want me to get discharged tomorrow. None of those who attacked me have been arrested and no action has been taken against them. Since they had hidden their faces behind flags, I am not in a position to identify their faces.//  he stated.


Not just this, Moslem merchants belonging to Kumaraiyya Koil area came in a group to the hospital and threatened Praveen thus: "Do not give an individual complaint, nobody will come to your help; only your work will get affected"; this was stated to us over telephone by Shri. Sudhakar, who was present by the side of Praveen at that time. During a meeting of Head Masters, Collector of Ramanathapuram Shri. Nanda Kumar declared that since riots happen due to Hindus wear Tilak and sport protection threads on their wrists, he ordered it to be banned. We had earlier recorded this fact in our website.



Children belonging to Azhagankulam Muhammadiya School, who in the name of implementing the ban order of the collector had earlier cut the threads in the wrists of Hindu students, took part in this procession sporting full uniforms added Shri. Sudhakar. Would the Collector of Ramanathapuram, Shri. Nandakumar who earlier confiscated the rights and religious freedom of Hindus to satisfy the whims of Islamic Jehadi terrorism, ban all Hindu religious symbols after this riot? Be not surprised, if he does so. After all he never gave a damn, even when a police station situated within the premises of Collectorate was ransacked!

 கலெக்டர் அலுவலக வளாக காவல்நிலையத்தில் தாலிபான் தாக்குதல் – தென் காஷ்மீராகும் இராமநாதபுரம்


nandakumar collector


During this riot, Shri. Samuel employed in Devipatnam police station was attacked too. On the day of Bakrid, Moslems had butchered a cow near a temple at the village of Azhagankulam. This very Samuel was the one who registered a false case against the Hindus who gave a complaint seeking action against those who committed the heinous act. Not bothered, the Moslem arsonists did not spare this loyal faithful. Whether this attack would act as a lesson to those politicians and officials, who in order to please the Moslems, act against law and dharma? Only time would tell.



ramanathapuram alagankulam complaint


The District Superintendent of Police in a Press Release had stated that cases have been filed against more than 1100 people in connection with this riot. It may be noted that such cases which had been filed against 'unidentified' 1000 people in the past had  never been investigated to the logical ends. These are only eye wash.

news paper cutting 4newspaper cutting small5


For example when Shri. H. Raja, a BJP leader of the State was attacked on 26.10.2012 at Ilayaankudi, a case was registered against many 'unidentified' persons; however none has been arrested so far.


//Many of those who indulged in this riot belong to other districts// says Arumugham of Bharathi Nagar. He also adds that personal trained in martial arts belonging to Kerala too were part of the mob.


//''Out of the 17 injured Moslems who came to the hospital, only four were admitted. Even they left the hospital stating that they belonged to Madurai and sought slips requesting admittance in Madurai. Many of those who had come to participate in the procession were not locals. There were Moslems belonging to Kerala and Madurai. The participation of the locals was minimal. “People belonging to Goripaalayam, Azhagankulam, Pudhumadam were also there''// stated a hospital employee.


It may be recalled that our website had mentioned that Moslems belonging to other places were arrested in connection with the attack on Kaenikkarai police station situated near the Collectorate. Moslems have thus intentionally created a force, specifically to indulge in arson and riots. Riot plans for their towns and villages is drafted by local Moslems and outsiders are roped in to implement it; in the end the local Moslems would claim innocence. On the contrary, those very local 'innocents' will go to other places and indulge in rioting and vandalism.


This Flying Terror Squad Culture had reared its ugly head in the attack on Hindus on 16.04.13 at Conoor, Nilgiris District and on 25.10.13 at Thiruvithaankodu, Kanyakumari District.


Training is imparted to these Flying Squads at a National level. In this very Ramanathapuram, arms training was imparted in the month of June 2012 in the town of Periyapatnam, to which the former Member of Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly Shri. Hassan Ali belongs. Moslems belonging to Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka and Kerala underwent training in this camp. Having caught them red-handed, the police let them go scot free without registering any FIR, the result of this callousness is now being felt by the police themselves. Thus a shameful situation has arisen wherein Ramanathapuram requires police protection to protect their police stations. PFI founder from Kerala is said to have visited those who indulged in these riots, stated Shri. Sudhakar.


ramanathapuram weapon-training pfi


Today, in Ramanathapuram, it has become very casual to find even an ordinary Moslem to be either directly involved in acts of extremism or having links to those who indulge in extremism. Moslems right through the route gave asylum in their houses to those who indulged in this riot. More atrociously, Pioneer Hospitals which lies on Ramanathapuram-Madurai Highway treated the injured, sent them away without revealing the details of those admitted to the police. The man who performed this deed was Dr. Syed Ibrahim, a Moslem stated Shri. Saravanan, belonging to Pattinamkaathan.


ramanathapuram poilce pfi


The intention of terrorists is to bring governments and the common man within their vice like fear grip. It has become a common practice of the Moslems to congregate in large numbers at the drop of a hat and by bringing normal life to a standstill, establish their supremacy. They do this on the one hand through bombs and bullets and on the other, through exhibition of their numbers create fear in the minds of people at large; and they do this successfully all over the world. When the film Innocence of Moslems was released in America, and in spite of it having been banned in India, Moslems brought normal life to a standstill in the main artery of Chennai, Mount Road for four days.


Subsequent to this incident, they increasingly began to indulge in kangaroo courts and threaten police stations. The raison d'etre for this threat are those incidents which they indulge in to bring life of the common man to a standstill. As a consequence of the procession taken out by PFI, transport came to a standstill on the Madurai-Ramanathapuram Highway for about 5 hours. Through planned blockade of important national highways, they exhibit themselves as a huge force to reckon with and this creates a fear psychosis in the minds of general public, which is being used to their advantage. It is only processions and demonstrations such as these which have turned the tourist heaven of Kashmir into a terrorist haven.


In the 1980's, even ordinary Moslems too lent support to terrorism and separatism. During those times, successive governments failed to take suitable action in curbing such acts for the sake of votes. They bowed before the diktats of Islamic violence and snatched even the fundamental rights of Hindus. Ponder over the situation of today's Kashmir. The very same situation has descended upon Ramanathapuram now.


On the one hand, turning a blind eye to the acts of terrorism of Moslems, and on the other filing cases against patriots, banning traditional religious processions by terming them 'un-Islamic', ban wearing of Hindu religious symbols and by such other actions, the district administration and police have gradually succeeded in taking Ramanathapuram District to the level of Kashmir. As in the case of Kashmir, where police forces have been made ineffectual, here too in Ramanathapuram, police force has been made ineffectual and incompetent; besides, the demonstrations and processions which happen on the streets of Kashmir have been successfully staged on the National Highways itself. 


Will the Central and State Governments wake up to this looming threat and take surgical action to save Ramanathapuram?

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