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Attack on Hindus of Ramanathapuram-Reminder of Moplah Riots

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Aaroor Das, son of Zion, who belongs to the Christian Devendra community of Arumboor of Sundarapandiyan Patnam (SP Patnam) in Ramanathapuram district was running a mechanic shop. Today - 14.10.2014 in the afternoon at about 2 pm, one Syed Muhammed visited the shop of Aruldoss to enquire about the two wheeler of his friend, which had been given to be repaired. When Aruldoss stated that he would deliver the vehicle only to the person who gave the vehicle, Syed rushed to stab Aruldoss, upon which the latter ran to the police station and lodged a complaint.

sppatinam policestation

Policemen who rushed to the spot found Syed Muhammed with a knife in hand, caught him red handed and took him to SP Patnam police station. Upon being arrested and as he was being interrogated, Syed stabbed the Sub Inspector of Police Shri. Kalidoss with the knife on the table. Left with no other alternative, Shri. Kalidass, SI had to open fire with his firearm, as a result of which Syed Muhammed died. There are various criminal cases pending against the deceased Syed Muhammed.

timesofindia ramanathapuram sppatinam

This incident of firing took place at about 5 in the evening. In the next one hour, hundreds of Moslems gathered in the East Coast Road and ransacked all vehicles that came that way. They alighted all the passengers from buses, dispatched Moslems among them to safety and continued to attack all Hindus, which is on even now. Even though a huge posse of police men have been posted in the area, till now when we are uploading this story on to the website there is no respite to the attacks on Hindus and no action was initiated by the police too against the hooligans and rioters.  Police are acting like mere bystanders, when riotous scenes are unleashed upon the Hindus on the Highway, states the Secretary of Hindu Munnani belonging to  Thiruvaadanai Panchayat Union area Shri. Govindaraj.

  • How dare Syed Muhammed attempt to murder a SI inside the police station and from where did he get this temerity?
  • In the name of religion, that the Moslem groups unitedly are indulging in riots having come out openly in support of a co religionist, who is an avowed rowdy and a professed criminal shows that Moslems are beyond the rule of law and are law unto themselves.
  • That they can act according to their whims and fancies is what is being exhibited through this incident. In the face of Moslem mobs which gather in the police stations and courts in large numbers, the police force of Tamilnadu fears to initiate any action against these elements  and that is precisely the reason why Syed Muhammed became audacious enough to attack a police officer even in the police station.

Even in this incident in just one hour after the incident, SP Patnam turned a land of riotous scenes. From 6 pm till this very moment, when the article is being uploaded, that the police is watching the happenings nonchalantly and not attempting to stop what is happening, only lends a hand of encouragement to the rioters. In the same district, attacks upon Kaenikkarai Police Station, halting of police inspection in Chinnakadai Road of Ramanathapuram, the Collector's orders banning the sporting of religious symbols by Hindu students and such actions have converted the district of Ramanathapuram into Syria. That the Moslems are selectively targeting only the Hindus travelling in the buses bear chilling resemblance with modus operandi of ISIS.

During the year 1921, thousands of Hindus were butchered in Kerala, all in the name of an Islamic religious leader of Turkey, the Caliph who was the head of the Caliphate and this had nothing to do whatsoever with our country.

Moplah Riots in Kerala

Similarly even now, in a clash that happened at a 2 wheeler mechanic shop, in the name of an arrested Moslem rowdy, innocent Hindus travelling in buses are being brutally attacked. To create an unreasonable alibi to attack Hindus is in the very DNA of Islam. And this verily is  and has been the history of Islam. This history has now raised its gory and ugly head in Ramanathapuram district. For the sake of votes, cash and Biriyani, those political parties, government officials and policemen who forget or ignore or refuse the call of their duties have to wake up at least now and act true to the salaries they get and the posts they adorn. Will they?

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  • Comment Link ArunPrabu Thursday, 16 October 2014 03:47 posted by ArunPrabu

    Ramanathapuram is a place that has recently been notorious for anti national, anti social and Jehadi activities. For long, parts of the district have been a smuggling hub. The anti social elements have been protected by local politicians of Islamist political outfits, since almost all of the illicit elements are Moslems.

    Human rights violations galore in the district and the administration has been dancing to the tunes of the Moslems who have an upper hand now, politically and economically. Myriad incidents of attempting to bring in Shariah regime have been reported by Hindu organisations, predominantly by Vedic Science Research Centre. The untiring tirade of VSRC against making Ramanathapuram a Kashmir of the southern India is lauded by quite many nationalists. The recent attempted murder of a policeman by a Known Delinquent and the death of that KD in the policeman's act of self defence has sparked a lot of debate on the human rights ground.

    Of late it has become a trend with the self styled intellectuals that soldiers of Mother India and the enforcers of order in her territory are much lesser humans than the ones who try to defame her, derogare her laws and debilitate her existence. These peculiar people are called human rights activists. They claim to operate under the UN Human Rights declaration. But that declaration or the likes of it have never encouraged attempting to kill a policeman in the first place by an accused, nor have they advocated the policemen to die unfighting at the hands of criminals.

    The arguments of the Human Rights activitists are based on the skewed definition of non-violence also known as Gandhian Ahimsa. These activists are creating an undue focus on rights, as opposed to responsibilities, social justice or the public interest. They try undermining national sovereignty in respect of human rights (by tying Indian Constitutional law more closely to international human rights standards).The self appointed judges grab too much power over important social issues, and end up thwarting the natural course of actions and justice in its true sense.

    Many wrongs happen because of ignorance of rights and responsibilities, incompetence in following the law and discharging responsibilities and gross neglect rather than as a result of any structural impediments to the administration of constitutional bodies. Many human rights, such as reproductive rights, sexual orientation rights and the right to life, rest on highly contentious values. Forcing the judiciary to take a certain view based on certain interpretations of the UN declarations surmounting the Constitutional law would tantamount to debauchery from the constitutional functioning of the judiciary which is the last resort of confidence in the system for the general public, who believe in the Constitutional law than any other forms of regulations. Such a pressure would lead to gross politicisation of the judiciary which would undermine public confidence in the independence of the courts.

    Improvements in government services are best achieved through no nonsense political leadership and change in the attitude on part of those responsible for delivery of services. Policing is part of the services entitled to citizens of a nation.

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